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Zena has been working and training for the last 30 years to provide the most efficient ways to help the body heal. She is proficient in advanced massage techniques including structural release (loosens up the joints), Advanced Emmett Therapy (re sets the muscles) Reflexology and healing (both Japanese Reiki and Chinese Qigong healing), the scar tissue treatment MSTR softens and releases scars that can cause pain and restrictions.




7 advanced massage certificates including  the immersion year of No Hands, massage mastery 1 year and Deep Tissue.

Advanced reflexology training with the AOR too numerous to list here.

Advanced Emmett Practitioner.

Advanced Aromatherapy diploma.

Qigong healing trained personally with Grandmaster Mantak Chia . Level 2 with Master Gadu Doushain .

Reiki healing trained to Master/Teacher and Advanced Reiki with Taggart King.

Practical Shiatsu with the Zen school of shiatsu.

Additional Training

Energetic NLP training with Art Giser.

Pranic self healing .

Tai Chi with Colin Orr.

Taoist practice (includes qigong and tai chi) with Taoist Master Kris North to level 3.

Indian head massage.

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